After a long anticipated wait, it's back boys and girls! Just incase you forgot, the biggest
hardcore show in Los Angeles is back once again to show you exactly how to smile again.
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, party people of all ages, welcome to the main attraction of
them all. We are proud to present to you, the return of MILES OF SMILES!!!!!!!!!!
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Saturday August 29th, 2009
Kids Of The Core & CKM Records present
The 6th Annual
Area 1: Valley Of Smiles
All headliner main Area!!!! Happy Hardcore/ Makina/ Jcore/ Gabber/ Hardstyle/ Jumpstyle/ Hard Trance/ Hard House
Brother Blood vs
*1st Ever Hardstyle vs Hard Trance Battle
CKM Records/ Kids Of The Core/ Miles Of Smiles/ Demon
Krew - Los Angeles
Two outlaws ready to take the world by storm. The Good, The Bad
and the Hard Beats are going to knock you into a whole different
zone. Brother Blood is known for his wicked ways of manipulating
the Hard Beats and making the speakers shake. While Strider is
the hero on the white horse always there to calm you down and
take care of the situation with ease and peace. This time they will
battle it out. This is the ultimate showdown and the Hardcore
Coral!!! It's time to duck and cover as this is about to get
Dj Intense
T3h Records - Los Angeles/ Spain
Returning to the MOS stage is this
Hardhouse and Hardstyle bounty hunter.
Are you ready for a showdown that will
leave you heading for the hills. The beats
are hard and this will surely make the dust
rise in the old west.
Dj Squiggles
Kids Of The Core - St. Paul, Minnesota
In what he has announce to be his FINAL Los
Angeles performance, we are honored and
proud to say goodbye to one of our close
friends and agents from KOTC Minnesota. His
style is unlike no other, his mixing fast and his
appetite for sushi amazing. Los Angeles we
are proud to bring back none other then DJ
Squiggles. Come out and say goodbye to one
of our close friends who will always be a part
Jamie Ritmen
UK DANCE Records/ JUNKBOX Records/ - United Kingdom
For the 1st TIME EVER on the WEST COAST and in LOS ANGELES, we are honored to welcome
a talented and amazing producer and song writer. Jamie Ritmen has been a part of the UK
Hardcore Scene for years. He has remixed as well as produced amazing tracks for many artists
such as DJ Force, Darren Styles, Anne Savage and many more. He also has become the new
owner of UK DANCE Records (Formally owned by DJ Force). Jamie has been long time High
School friends of Darren Styles and Dj Force (You guys know them as Force and Styles) and has
worked on many projects together. After taking a break early on to finish up school Jamie has rip
roared into the Hardcore scene and has quickly become a great producer as well as song writer.
His most recent works have been writing the vocals to Darren Styles' "Skydivin", "You Are The
One", "Lost In Your World", "Hurricane", "Touch The Sun" and numerous more. Jamie has
grown into one of thee most talented artist in the hardcore world. His uplifting and lyrical
masterpieces will go down as great anthems as days go by. Are you ready to smile as we
welcome for the first time a truly great down to earth hero. Get Ready to Smile Hard and get lost
in his world as he sweeps you up in a Hurricane and lets you fly through the air and Touch The
Sun. MILES OF SMILES get ready to welcome none other than JAMIE RITMEN!!!!!
Super K!
Kids Of The Core/ Super Sunshine Kids/ - Las Vegas, Nevada
One of our long time friends representing
Kids Of The Core Las Vegas is gracing his
presence with us on the main stage. This
caped outlaw is full of life and color and why
not have him join us on our biggest
celebration of the year. Boys and girls
welcome SuPeR K!, the Happy Hardcore
hero of the city of sin. Come out and dance
as this dj rocks the crowd as only he can.
He's about to swoop in and steal a bit of the
This Super Secret event will feature:
Dope Venue Located in Downtown Los
Angeles - Fast & Friendly and SAFE
Security -  Insane lighting - Large
Themed Miles Of Smiles props - Video
Projections - Smart Bar - KOTC
Photographers - and more!!!

Free Giveaways by: TEAM KOTC
Vendor booths: CKM Records & More
Street Fighter 4 Video Game Booth by
Mind Games
Limited $20-$25-$30 presales available @

Tickets Will Be $35 @ the Door

MOS Info: Coming Soon
Kids Of The Core/ 180 N' Up - San
Francisco, California
Making his 1st Miles Of Smiles appearance
is this hard working deejay hailing up from
Northern California. Known for his Track
dropping DnB and Hardcore as well as vital
scratching A.N.T definitely isn't someone
you look at with a mircroscope. In fact since
he arrived in Los Angeles he has rocked
cities up and down California as well as Las
Vegas and Arizona. Now returning to the
real city of sunshine we are proud to have
our newest agent in KOTC perform at the
biggest west coast hard dance show
around. Get ready to jump and march like
army ants.
DJ/ MC En3rgy - Dj Da Mexican - TZ - MC Skribs
CKM Records/ Kids Of The Core -  California
For the first time ever, the entire main group of Kids Of The Core is going to put on a show
unlike any other, 3 deejays, 2 MC's and a whole lot of fun and surprises you will never forget.
This time KOTC is out to show you how the many worlds of Hardcore can unite as one and
make you believe that there is nothing you can't do. For the past 7 years on the west coast as
well as in North America, Kids Of The Core has united with people from all across the nation,
even reaching as far out as the UK. This time after all their hard work and experience they are
about to test their skills on a new test. So get ready evil doers as this band of Hardcore Outlaws
get ready to put y our hands up in the air and make you reach for the sky. Get ready for the
TRUE DEFENDERS of HARDCORE and North American Hard Dance to take you to a whole
other level and a whole different world. WHAT'S YOUR CORE?
PWLY/ WTF - Los Angeles
Making his first Miles Of Smiles appearance
is this long time hardcore deejay. J-Sin has
been a part of the hardcore community for
many years and has traveled across the US
as well as to Germany. Welcome this
hardcore maniac as he unleashes a bit of
outlaw fury.
MC En3rgy
CKM Records/ Kids Of The Core - Los
MC Skribs
Kids Of The Core - Los Angeles
Kids Of The Core/ 180 N' Up - San