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This long time Raver/ promoter/  DJ has made and impact since the early days of raving. From attending shows at and early age to investing and throwing
numerous incredible shows this DJ has made a mark in RAVE history. En3rgy is one of the favorite locals in Los Angeles and Southern CA. With over 15
years of spinning under his belt and over 20 years of raving in the Los Angeles Rave scene, he recreates himself each time he goes out and spins.
Starting at the age of 15 messing around with turntables he fell in love with the aspect of a new challenge. Never really expecting to make it anywhere,
he was trained by another local deejay who later dropped him for what he called a better proteige. This inspired and fired up the passion to set out and
show everyone that he could do it and see how far he can really go.
Working for a few years while still practicing at a friends, he finally bought himself his first set of turntables, which to this day he still owns. In the
beginning starting out in Speed core, (Incredibly sped up hardcore) he managed to attract a little bit of attention at small house parties and minor indoor
events. Later switching over to trance thinking it would launch somewhere, he managed to become residents for Night Clubs out in Los Angeles and
Hollywood. But he didn’t feel complete. For years he put up with shady night club owners and promoters, and even overly egotistical club deejays. Till
one day he decided to leave that atmosphere. Lucky for him he still had the rave scene to look forward too.
Down the line of hard knocks, he went down a different approach going into UK Happy Hardcore (which he discovered on a mix tape while spinning
Speed core). Practicing for years with it, he decided to go into what he felt happier playing. He stated once, “Yeah. I know, what a twist... Right? I started
in Speed core and I ended up being one of the cheesiest deejay’s to date with Happy. Ironic to some, but more like a calling to me.”After finally finding out
his best suited music he set out to hopefully break into that and finally after about 6 years of trying a major deejay in the LA hardcore scene gave him a
break. He started playing on Friday 13th of Sept. 2002. For most people would have said it would have been dooms day but for him it was a calling. He
was one of those deejays that when a chance presented itself he took it. Starting with a few minor events he concentrated on his tracks and crowds
going to see him. And since then he has become one of the few deejays who goes out and represents himself as a raver and candykid. With that aspect
at his feet he was dubbed, “The Candykid’s Hardcore Hero Deejay” by the people who went to the events and watched him. Since then he created and
founded what now in Southern California is known as Kids Of The Core. A group of promoters and deejays who not only throw events but keep the
underground the way they should be as well as preserve the ways of the past. Going on 5 years with his company he has managed to make it much more
than that as well. Doing everything from Promotions, Graphic Design, sound and room hosting to Artist management of most of the locals from the
Southern California deejays of all genres. And new since the beginning is the creation of CKM Records in Los Angeles, an Independent hardcore label
based in Los Angeles. With all that under his belt he has climbed the ladder of where he started a long time ago to finally be acknowledged as on of Los
Angeles favorite locals.
To date he has played with some of the top hardcore deejays as well as big deejays of other genres including: Neophyte, Panic, Brooklyn Bounce, Scott
Brown, Hixxy, UFO, Dj Vibes, Paulina Taylor, Dj Stompy, Jamie Ritmen, Max B. Grant, Rob Gee, Frisky & Hujib, Lostboy, Simon Apex, Delta 9, Delirium,
Evil Activities, Dj Issac, Angerfist, The Predator, The Baco Brothers, Sunrize, Smileshot, Naha, Ron D Core,  Omar Santana, Mars, 4 Strings, Mystre, RAW
and more. His style is of his own and a surprise is always up his sleeve. Whether it’s playing the anthems of days gone by or making something new and
unique down to rocking you hard with something dark and pulsating, this deejay loves to do it all.
Brother Blood
MC En3rgy


UK Happy Hardcore
Dutch Gabber
Hardstyle/ Jumpstyle
Drum N Bass
Kids Of The Core GLOBAL (Owner and CEO)
CKM Recordings (CEO/ Owner/ Artist & Producer)
Miles Of Smiles (Event/ Owner/ CEO)
What makes Dj En3rgy so special?
There are many other talented deejays across the US and even the world. But the thing that definitely separates this deejay from the
rest is the fact that he has a true passion for what he does and excels past all limitations. His heart is reflected through the music he
plays, his performances, and even his appearance. En3rgy has been a pinnacle in the returning HARDCORE movement in Los
Angeles and has been responsible for putting Los Angeles Back on the map for hardcore in not only creating the Largest West Coast
dedication show for hardcore but has also created the only Los Angeles, based hardcore label. En3rgy has done many things and
continues to surprise and shock the masses. Just when other deejays think they have him by the heals they realize that they are
farther behind then ever before. En3rgy has gained the RESPECT of many big name producers as well as many fans as the hardest
working deejay in the Los Angeles Rave scene. His dedication not only for raving for over 20 years but his dedication to Hardcore has
been a gleam in many peoples eyes. His heart and his passion is a definite plus that can add to any show no matter where he travels.
En3rgy has travelled across the Western part of the United States and is already known in many parts from his online mixes and
Infamous shows with his company known as KIDS OF THE CORE.  He is currently expanding and networking across the US and even
overseas and has definitely earned his right with many of his other hardcore heroes.
Another thing that separates him from the rest is the fact that he is still a full on vinyl deejay and uses his turntablism technics with
his insane intros and fun lyrical flows. Aside from just being a deejay, En3rgy also mixes his styles up. From performing under a few
aliases including the very dark "Brother Blood" and also the very new up and coming west coast MC known as "MC En3rgy." His
amazing style has surprised and shocked many audiences across the US including such cities as Los Angeles, Hollywood, San
Diego, San Bernardino, Palm Springs, San Francisco, Sacramento, Medford - Oregon, Seattle - Washington, Ohio, Arizona and even
out as far as Canada. His future ventures include out in the beautiful Home of Happy Hardcore,  England. This deejay has only hit the
tip of the ice berg and continues to shock and amaze ravers, promoters, deejays and skeptics with his hard hitting style, his amazing
presence and his unique love for the music and the Rave Scene. Til this day he even represents himself proudly as a Raver
Entertainer as well as a current "Candy Kid". If you have a show and want a hardcore headliner who definitely isn't just another
hyped up boy band deejay, then this is the guy you want at your event. Direct, proud and Hardcore! The Candykids' Hardcore Hero Dj
always delivers and gets the crowd up on their feet and fills the room with his own special energy.
Random Facts
about the
Hardcore Hero Dj:
  • En3rgy has and
    continues to fight for
    the Anti-Rave Act
    that at one point he
    has even been
    arrested for, just so
    Ravers can have a
    place for them to
    express themselves
    and dance.

  • Aside from being
    deejay, En3rgy
    started the only Los
    Angeles based
    hardcore label
    specializing to Happy
    Hardcore & Gabber.

  • En3rgy has been
    raving since 1990
    and has witness the
    US pinnacle to the
    US decline of Raving
    in the United States.

  • En3rgy designs all
    his own fliers
    artwork, Cd covers,
    logos all on his own
    with no prior
    knowledge of
    photoshop or any 3d

  • En3rgy is now a
    Investigator with a
    group known as S.P.
    I. Based out of CA.
    He has gone on
    investigations and
    works with one of
    the liasons for TAPS.

  • Being a fan of the
    paranormal, En3rgy
    is a part of SoCal
    Investigators. He has
    traveled the US
    searching for the
    unknown and the
    just plain weird. His
    current love is TAPS.
    (The Atlantic
    Paranormal Society)
    which he one day
    hopes to meet and
    learn more about.

  • En3rgy remains a
    CANDYKID and
    makes all his own
    candy to trade, no
    store bought pre-
    made crap.

  • NOT 1 of En3rgy's
    mixes are mastered
    or edited as false
    mixes. All mixes are
    real and he has
    learned how to make
    it so good that til this
    day people still think
    that many or edited
    and diced up to
    sound almost

  • En3rgy has
    experience in music
    such as playing the
    piano, the drums and
    has dedicated
    himself to learning
    more for production

  • En3rgy enjoys
    watching Anime,
    Cartoons and is a big
    movie fanatic.

  • En3rgy has a degree
    in "Business In
    Music", which
    entitles him to
    legally  manage
    artists and also
    required him to learn
    the music and legal
    aspects of business.

  • Prior to Kids Of The
    Core, En3rgy was
    the only candy kid to
    be the head of a
    party crew during
    the 90's known as
    "Natural Fantasies"
    which lasted over 8

  • En3rgy's actual
    college major is
    Animation which he
    is currently
    completing, and at
    one point was
    offered a job at
    Warner Bros. to
    draw for the famous
    cartoon known as
    "The Justice
    League", "Scooby
    Doo" and "Pinky &
    The Brain" which he
    turned down to finish

  • En3rgy has found a
    new love in life
    which is teaching
    and was part of an
    after school
    program in
    Hollywood, CA.

  • En3rgy enjoys
    Snowboarding, as
    well as other sports
    including Wrestling,
    Basketball, Baseball
    and Football.

  • Energy is a fan of the
    WWE (World
    Entertainment) as
    well as Independent
    companies world
    wide and has been a
    wrestling fan for the
    past 30 years.

  • En3rgy is Currently
    Single and waiting
    for his love to return.
I am the Candykid Superman!
I came straight out of a Comic Book!
I love snowboarding!
Yes I actually am a paranormal Investigator!
Scooby Snax back in 2006, thats me in the Mystery Machine!!!
This is my small home studio
This is my family!!! ^_^
Bow to the Hardcore Hero!
I made this Cuff recently in 2010
I play Street Fighter! Care to challenge me?